14.04.18 | Jerusalem, Old City | Settler children watch Palestinian parade from settlement inside the Old City

Ariel Sharon’s House

Palestinian scouts march to commemorate the Prophet Muhammed’s ascension to Heaven. Watching over them are Jewish settlers living inside the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. The building from which the children are looking from was bought by Ariel Sharon in 1987. It has since housed Jewish families and young people on a rotating, short-term basis. They live under constant armed guard. Their presence is intended to bolster an outright Jewish claim to the city, East and West. Israel’s de-facto annexation of East Jerusalem was never recognised by the international community nor, most importantly, by the people who lived there in 1967; the Palestinians. It is only through demographic engineering – the building of settlements, the re-drawing of municipal boundaries to add Jews and subtract Palestinians, and the effective ban on Palestinian construction – that Israel has cultivated consent to its authority. If the people do not abide, change the people. Daniel Luria, spokesman of Ateret Cohanim, a prominent settler organisation, describes the ‘Judaization’ of occupied East Jerusalem as the “Seventh Day War”. “They’re the paratroopers of today,” says Luria of the settlers, “holding on to Jerusalem.”

14.04.18 – Jerusalem, Old City. Palestinians march past a settler shop in the Muslim Quarter.

14.04.18 – Jerusalem, Old City. Palestinian scouts march under the Sharon house.

14.04.18 – Jerusalem, Old City. Settlers watch Palestinians march in the Old City.