26.06.18 | South Hebron Hills, Bani Naim | IDF soldiers arrive at scene of protest against settlement outpost

Restoring Order

The villagers argue with a soldier while young teenagers from the nearby settlement look on. An outpost has appeared on the village land; a house and barn beyond the settlement fence. The settlement is legal by Israeli law, the outpost is not. Yet there is no demolition order pending and the structure is connected to water and electricity. Also, security is guaranteed by a combination of the settlement security, the police, and the army. Palestinians are prevented from using the adjoining land by the following process: Palestinians arrive to work the land, settlers engage in intimidation or outright violence, the army declares the area a temporary closed military zone and orders everyone (including settlers) to leave. Palestinians who do not comply quickly enough are arrested. From a military perspective, order is restored. For the Palestinian, he is denied the use of his land. Knowing that the army will use this order to clear the area, the settler will confront the Palestinian every time. And so, the army facilitates the expansion of the settlement. The Palestinian must constantly return to the land, and face violence and arrest, or lose the land under absentee property law dating from the Ottoman era.

26.06.18 – South Hebron Hills, Bani Naim. Settler teenagers look on as Palestinians protest settlement outpost.


26.06.18 – South Hebron Hills, Bani Naim. Palestinians argue with IDF soldier during protest at settlement outpost.


26.06.18 – South Hebron Hills, Bani Naim. Palestinian arrested after IDF declares area a Closed Military Zone.