15.05.18 | Hebron | Protester gestures at IDF soldiers during disturbances.

A Stone Can Kill

Israeli soldiers fire at protestors in Hebron on Nakba Day. The people throwing stones were exclusively children. The older set may have been 14 or 15 max. The soldiers shot three children, one with live ammunition. I was at the scene for about seven hours, standing either directly beside or beneath the position of the soldiers. At no point were they in danger. The stones did not even reach them. They were not under threat, and they knew it. They were relaxed and joking. Israel’s justification for the use of lethal force in these incidents is that “a stone can kill”. The extreme improbability of an Israeli being killed by a stone justifies the high probability of a Palestinian being killed by live ammunition. The child shot by live ammunition on this day survived.

15.05.18 – Hebron. IDF soldiers fire on children during disturbances.


15.05.18 – Hebron. Child holding a tyre during disturbances.

15.05.18 – Hebron. Children gather to throw stones at IDF soldiers.

15.05.18 – Hebron. Child fires slingshot at IDF soldiers.