09.04.18 | Hebron | IDF soldiers on Al Shuhada Street

Stop and Search

Armies are not designed to govern civilians, they are designed to identify and kill armed combatants. Under military occupation, a Palestinian male must constantly prove he is not a threat. He must justify his presence on this road at this time. He must have the correct permit. He must lift his shirt. He must turn and place his hands on the wall. Just because he proved it this morning does not mean it is true this evening. He will prove it for years and years, checkpoint after checkpoint, search after search, question after question, but never be recognised as a man. He is a military-age Arab male; a potential terrorist. When describing a particularly violent ‘Border Police’ soldier I had seen several times in Jerusalem, the young man interrupted me; “Oh I’ve known him since I was a kid. And he recognises me too.” Former IDF soldiers, now advocates with Breaking The Silence, have described the purpose of this relentless pressure as “making our presence felt. We make the Palestinians feel constantly chased.”

Jerusalem, Old City

13.05.18 – Jerusalem, Old City. Pilgrims pass by a Palestinian youth being searched by Israeli soldier.

19.03.18 – Jerusalem, Old-City. Palestinian man arrested by Israeli security forces at Damascus Gate